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Steganography software

Version 4.7
Windows 7 Compatible

Steganography Software

Steganography software

What is steganography ?

It is the art and science of hiding information by embedding messages within other, seemingly harmless messages. When a message is encrypted, it has no meaning, and it's easy to understand that it contains sensitive information, a secret - and someone might try to break it. Steganography software solves this problem by hiding the sensitive information in a harmless file called carrier file.

Why use steganography software ?

While normal encryption software allows you only to scramble information, Invisible Secrets 4 also allows you to hide information in five innocent looking files types: JPEG, PNG, BMP, HTML and WAV.

The JPEGs and PNGs files can be put on a web page near hundreds of other pictures from where the addressee (the only person who knows which is the right image) can download it without revealing his/hers identity. There are no data length restrictions for the JPEG and PNG carriers.

The BMP carriers gives the best security, but the data which can be hidden depends on the size of the BMP file. It uses the least-significant-bit steganographic method.

The WAV carrier is a sound file. It is very secure but the data which can be hidden in it depends on the size of the WAV. It uses the least-significant-bit steganographic method.

The HTML carrier is a hyper-text file (Internet page). It is very powerful, highly secured, it doesn't restrict the length of the sensitive data. However, a very long HTML may look suspect!

This method of disguising data is not infallible but the steganography software considerably increases the work of any experienced code-breaker, who must identify first the right carrier, extract the sensitive data from it, and only after that (if he gets this far) - the hard work of breaking the code.

Steganography is the perfect supplement for encryption. Invisible Secrets 4 provides both cryptographic and steganographic features, and much more...

Our steganography software offers several methods of diversions to increase the stealth and security of your secret message and also increase the work your opponent.

New! Library of favorite carriers locations

When you want to hide any information using steganography you will be able to access a library of favorite carrier locations. Within this library you can organize all the folders that contain your favorite carriers. It will be easier to manage files, plus you will enjoy improved performance, all while having fun hiding files.

Steganography software

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Invisible Secrets' appeal lies in its ability to demystify the complicated subject of data security and provide even novice users with a valuable tool for safeguarding their data.

Overall, I consider this one of the best-written programs I've looked at. Very well designed. Very functional. The programmers included enough to make it a viable business program, but still have made it attractive to the individual user. A "MUST" for anyone worried about file and password security.

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