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Version 4.7
Windows 7 Compatible

Technical Center

Invisible Secrets offers you the possibility to create you own carriers or encryption algorithms, and integrate them very easy in the main program.

The carriers and algorithms are controlled by independent DLLs with a specific structure. This structure is public and available for download.

Click here to download technical specifications on how to develop your own algorithms and carriers.

Activation Keys

Since the structures of the algorithm and carrier libraries are public, someone could use these libraries to extract data from carriers or make a program which searches for data in multiple carriers. So, in order to secure these libraries, we have implemented a security system based on activation keys.

An activation key is a string of numbers and letters which is used to activate a carrier or algorithm library.

The keys are generated from a password, known only by the developer of the library. Invisible Secrets offers a generator for these activation keys. The library is activated with the call of a function which has as parameter the password. If the password is wrong the library will not function. Only Invisible Secrets knows how to convert the password to an activation key or vice versa. If a developer wants to make public his library, he makes public also the activation key and not the password. Because the attacker doesn't know the password he can't independently use the library. The library can be used only through Invisible Secrets, with a valid activation key.

The activation keys are obtained from the Activation Keys page from the Options Dialog Box.

Installing New Carriers

To install a new carrier follow these steps:

  1. Open the Options Dialog Box
  2. Choose the Carriers page
  3. Click the Add carrier button
  4. Fill the edit boxes with: a name for the new carrier, a library file name (.DLL), carrier file extensions separated by semicolons (Ex: *.bmp;*.dib) and an activation key
  5. Click Ok

Installing New Encryption Algorithms

To install a new algorithm follow these steps:

  1. Open the Options Dialog Box
  2. Choose the Algorithms page
  3. Click the Add algorithm button
  4. Fill the edit boxes with: a name for the new algorithm, a library file name (.DLL), and an activation key
  5. Click Ok


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Invisible Secrets' appeal lies in its ability to demystify the complicated subject of data security and provide even novice users with a valuable tool for safeguarding their data.

Overall, I consider this one of the best-written programs I've looked at. Very well designed. Very functional. The programmers included enough to make it a viable business program, but still have made it attractive to the individual user. A "MUST" for anyone worried about file and password security.

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