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Version 4.7
Windows 7 Compatible


What do our customers say ?

"...I think it is perfect"  (John French)

    I purchased Invisible Secrets about six months ago and wanted to say that I think it is perfect. I have had so much fun, and success with this product that I have spoken about it to all my friends and fellow students here at college. Awesome Job!!!

"I definitely like Invisible Secrets the best"  (Johnathan Jakobs)

    When i was looking for a stego program, i tried many. And I definitely like Invisible Secrets the best.

"...great solid feel..."  (Ted Van Zwol)

    I really like the product. It has a great solid feel. It's also nice to see the features branching out as well. It looks like you guys are making great choices. The self-decrypting package is a neat idea.

"I greatly appreciate it"  (Dale Brett)

    Thank you and your staff for the new upgrade, Invisible Secrets. I greatly appreciate it. I've had great 'luck' with your software and find it extremely useful. Again thank you for a good product and your continued support.

"Phenomenal Support!"  (Brian)

    I just love your software! And the support is just phenomenal!

"I look forward to the next release"  (Jim Morrison)

    Thank you very much for your speedy reply and help. Actually I did not expect there would be any solution so I am very happy you had one. I look forward to the next release so please make sure I will be informed of its release.

" performs beautifully"  (Randall)

    Thanks again for all your help. I was able to get your software to work and it performs beautifully. When I get home tonight I'll be purchasing it through your secure website. If you like as I use this software I can let you know what I like and what might need to be tweaked to make this software even better. During my evaluation of Invisible Secrets I also looked at other stego programs. Ultimately it was 1) the type of files supported (JPG especially), 2) the quality of the product information that you posted on your website, and 3) the appearance and ease-of-use of Invisible Secrets that made me select it over my second choice, WbStego 4.0. I really look forward to using this software and I hope that you enjoy continued success with this product.

" have been most helpful..."  (Colin Gatland)

    Thank you very much, you have been most helpful with my inquiries & have answered my questions both professionally and promptly.

"...excellent after the sale support..."  (Scott Kettman)

    Thank you very much. It's nice to see a company that not only produces a great program but also provides excellent after the sale support. [...] I will also write a positive review on Epinions today.

"... one of the best security programs..."  (Stan G. Kain)

    I am a very, very happy customer of Invisible Secrets. I think you have an excellent program. In fact, I consider Invisible Secrets and PGP to be two of the very best security programs available. [...] You have a wonderful product with some of the best technical support I've found anywhere.

"...I can't imagine going without Invisible Secrets for even a day..."  (Paul Myers)

    I thank you very much. I can't imagine going without Invisible Secrets for even a day. I appreciate your rapid assistance and fast response on this matter.

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Invisible Secrets' appeal lies in its ability to demystify the complicated subject of data security and provide even novice users with a valuable tool for safeguarding their data.

Overall, I consider this one of the best-written programs I've looked at. Very well designed. Very functional. The programmers included enough to make it a viable business program, but still have made it attractive to the individual user. A "MUST" for anyone worried about file and password security.

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